Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Machine Expert

This week we are introducing you to Fabric Junction's other store expert, Chris Koontz.  Yep, you read that right!  Chris is Terry's son, and is the go-to guy for machine repair, embroidery, order fulfillment, and whatever else needs to be done.

Chris is the second child in the Koontz family. He started his career in construction and sales in school and started working for his Dad after college.  He learned the details of business ownership and excellent customer service from that experience.  Now, he applies those qualities to Fabric Junction.  

Chris spends a lot of hours at the shop.  He's the cameraman behind Terry's YouTube videos, the certified Babylock representative, payroll manager, and he may even be the one that quilts your project when you drop it off.

 When Chris does have some free time, he spends it with his wife and three children.  As a family, they have criss-crossed South Dakota many times participating in Taekwondo meets, baseball tournaments, and soccer games.  If you want to impress Chris, tell him your favorite quote from Friends or Pawn Stars. 

Chris and his family support small businesses here in South Dakota.  They also enjoy the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where they meet people from all over the world.  

The next time you're in Fabric Junction, make sure to ask Chris to show you around!

Next week, we will introduce you to one of our helpful and efficient employees.

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