Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This is Judie.  

Judie is our newest employee.  Judie should really be named Jack (Of-All-Trades), because she can do just about anything we ask her to do.

Judie has extensive sewing experience, along with a retail and teaching background.  She is patient and knowledgeable, and she will be educating many people in the coming months.  We will be offering a sewing class soon and Judie will be the teacher.  Judie is also becoming the expert in our Baby Lock machines.  If you have any questions, or need a new machine, Judie would be happy to help!

Judie has lived in the Black Hills area for the last 30 years.  Her hobbies include quilting, writing, and enjoying her grandchildren.  Judie is excited to meet everyone when they come into the store.  Please make sure to ask for her when you come in!

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