Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Nation....Tired.

I'm not one to comment on the political process.  I believe both sides have some ideas worth value and some that should be tossed in the trash.  God in heaven rules and nothing is a surprise to him.  But wow, am I tired!  Are any of you taking a huge breath of relief that it's all over?  What will we ever fill our time with now?  

I know!  Let's fill it with quilting.

How cute is this?!

A customer of ours from Virginia sent us this picture.  She used our panels to make an adorable baby gift.  I love these Northcott Connector Playmat panels.  The kiddos can even run their cars and planes and boats on them.  It's like a soft, portable train table!   

Need some ideas for home decor for the holidays?  Come look at our Thanksgiving and Christmas items.  Currently on sale.  Saving money on gifts just means you can make more gifts, right?  I'll also let you in on a little secret.  We still have a few Halloween items in stock.  They are 50% off.  Want to plan ahead?  Or just like Halloween?  Pick up a few things before they are sold out.

Terry has posted a brand new YouTube tutorial.  If you have a bunch of scraps laying around, this might be your ticket to de-cluttering.  You can watch this quick, 7 minute video here:

I hope that this week brings you interesting things to create, a friend or family member that loves your work, and the energy to get it all done!

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