Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Strawberry Basket

  Free Patterns!!!  We all like free patterns.  I was looking at some patterns today some free and some you have to purchase.  It is the free ones that I want to suggest.  
  Most fabric manufacturers have patterns on their website.  Some of the patterns are free for you to download.  There are all kind of ideas available because the manufacturer wants you to be inspired, then purchased their fabrics.  Check out the fabric manufacturers websites.  Get Inspired!!!  For the names of manufacturers, look at the salvage on your fabric.
  Today's block is Strawberry Basket.  I pieced the rectangles to the triangles, then trim to create a large triangle.
Strawberry Basket

  Light fabric
    nine  1 1/2" sq.

  Medium fabric
    two  2 1/2" x 4 7/8" rect.

  Dark Medium fabric
    one  2 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once  you will use only 1 of the triangles

  Dark fabric
    one  2 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once
    three  1 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once
    six  1 1/2" sq.

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