Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Survived the Rally

Christopher busy sewing patches.

  Hello, we have survived the rally.   It was not as big as in the past years but we were busy.
 Christopher was sewing patches on jackets for the first time.  I also helped with the patch sewing. We made a contest of it to see who would sew the most patches.  It was close but I won by 2 patches.  We will be doing patches all year.  Bring on the lettermen's jackets.      

Jeanne working the counter.

  Now that the rally is over, it is time for school thoughts.  Two of my grandsons have started football practice and the rest are school shopping.  It is hard to accept that the summer is almost over.  My youngest son, Nicholas, just finished law school and will be heading to New York University to study tax law.  Looking forward to seeing the grandkid's school activities and maybe a trip to New York. 
  For those of you who like panels, check out the new one that just arrived at the shop.  Click HERE to see what is new.
  Enjoy the rest of your summer and if you get close by, stop in.

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