Friday, September 15, 2017

Rainy Day or Quilt Day

  You get up in the morning and it is raining.  Now is it a great day for reading a book or quilting?  For me the answer is quilting but today I wanted to take the time off.  Not that I don't enjoy quilting, it is just that I sewed 7 quilt tops in the last 16 days.  That is not my usual pace but hubby was gone for a few days.  That means sew, sew and sew until he gets back.  I think I need a break.
  As I am fixing my breakfast, I remind myself that there is still things that need made.  The quilt tops are with the store quilters. The girls finished one of them yesterday so today is the day to bind it.  I also have to get a tote bag made for a gal.
  Well, today is the time to sew for tomorrow will be the time off.  I have 2 grandsons playing football tomorrow and will attend them.  It is fun to watch the grandsons play.  Talen is a 2nd grader (not sure they know what they are doing).  Owen is a 7th grader and the game is a little more serious but still fun to watch. Not to forget that Tenlee (granddaughter) is a 1st grader and a cheerleader, so cute.
  No matter what your day is like, do enjoy it for tomorrow it is gone.

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