Tuesday, October 3, 2017

6 1/2" Blocks

  Have you ever tried to do something and time keeps moving on? My answer is "I will take care of it tomorrow". The next day, things get in the way and other things get put off until tomorrow.  I intended to write the blog once a week but it keeps getting but off until tomorrow.  The next thing I know, a month has passed.  I need something to keep me on track.
Image result for picture of shapes for kindergarten  As an avid quilter, I like quilt blocks.  My favorite books are those that just show quilt blocks.  I like looking at how others arranged the different shapes.  How the squares play with triangles or a rectangle with a hexagon.
With that thought in mind, I was looking at some blocks and decided to create them for the blog.  Each writing I will add a 6 1/2" block that you can make. The goal is to give enough blocks to make a quilt or any other projects that you might enjoy.
  Many blocks can have different names but I will refer to them as the name that I have.  The first block is Calico Puzzle, a simple design of squares and half square triangles.
  Dark  one  2 1/2" sq. for center
           two  2 7/8" sq. for half sq. triangles
  Medium  four  2 1/2" sq. for sides
  Light  two 2 7/8" sq. for half sq. triangles
Use your favorite method for making the HST.

  Now, go through your stash and start sewing.  If your stash is low check out our website by clicking HERE.
  Thank you for stopping by.  Let's doing some beautiful quilting.


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