Thursday, November 2, 2017

November Days

  As the days get colder, the more I enjoy sewing.  I can sit at my sewing machine and look out the window watching as winter comes this way.  The leaves have fallen, the nights are colder and frost is on the windshield of my car but I am warm and safe at my sewing machine.  Have you ever noticed how time goes quickly when you are busy working on that new project or finishing an old one?  I lose track of time all of the time.  
  Time for the next block--Card Basket.  I don't understand why it is called Card Basket for it doesn't look like cards or a basket.  There are 3 great types of squares in Card Basket.  HST are in the corners, hour glass units on the sides and a square in a square in the center.


Light fabric
  two  3 1/4" sq.  cut diagonally twice then sew or sew then cut (pick you favorite method for making the hour glass)
  one  1 7/8" sq. for the center

Light Medium fabric
  two  2 7/8" sq. for HST

Dark Medium fabric
  one  3 1/4" sq. for hour glass
  two  1 7/8" sq. for sq. in a sq.

Dark fabric
  one 3 1/4" sq. for hour glass
  two  2 7/8" sq. for HST

Stay warm,

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