Friday, January 5, 2018

Four Crowns

  Christopher  and I did some taping today.  He should start posting the videos to youtube of some of the blocks that we have been piecing.  In the tutorials, I show you how I put the blocks together and the blocks that I have made for the quilts.  I am still picking out and sewing my blocks so the quilt is not finished.  Check out Fabric Junction on youtube for the new tutorials.
  Today"s block is--Four Crowns.  It reminds me of bear's paws.  It is made of nothing but HST.
Four Crowns

  Light fabric
    two  2 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once
    ten   1 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once

  Medium fabric
    ten  1 7/8"  sq.  cut diagonally once

  Dark fabric
    two  2 7/8"  cut diagonally once



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