Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Album

  The last few weeks I have been telling you about cleaning my sewing space and the UFO's that I have found.  Over the weekend I tackled another area.  I found 2 quilts that my mother had started (those I remember I had).  It was the 2 quilts that I found that I started that surprised me.  They were all cut but never sewn.  Thank goodness that the patterns were with them.  Instead of 2 quilts to finish, now I have 4.
  Today's block is New Album.  Yes, it is similar to Album but with small differences.
New Album

  Light fabric
    one  2 1/2" sq.  for the center
    four  1 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once

  Light Medium fabric
    four  2 1/2" sq.

  Dark Medium fabric
    two  2 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once

  Dark fabric
    six  1 1/2" sq.  2 are used in the corner of the center sq.

  Keep quilting,

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