Tuesday, December 19, 2017


  Friends and family are adding to their grandchild numbers.  This is wonderful.  I currently have 10 grandchildren.   I feel very fortunate.  Please, add these new babies to your prayers.  One of the babies came a month early, so far everything is alright.  Another one, the mother is having problem and they think the baby may come early.  We pray that baby and mother will be fine.  Last, but most important is my nephew and his wife.  They just found out that the baby will be born with heart problems.  Pray that mother makes it close to term and that the doctors know how to help the baby.  Thank you for your prayers.
  Today's block is--Peace & Plenty.  More HST and a few flying geese.  I know that it is not new but look at all the different ways in which they are used.
Peace & Plenty

    Light fabic
      four  2 3/8" sq.  for HST
      eight  1 3/4" sq. for flying geese

    Medium or Dark fabric
      four  2 3/8" sq. for HST
      four  1 3/4" x 3 1/2" rectangles for flying geese

Thank you,

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