Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Busy Time

  December is the month that gets busy with the grandchildren's programs.  Saturday, we watch two of the girls, Maeve and Brooklyn, in the Nutcracker and Sunday was Anya's choir concert.  Next is church Christmas programs.  No matter what it is, it is wonderful to watch them all.
  So if your schedule isn't full yet, here is today's block--Tulip Lady Fingers.  Just a few squares and HSTs.  I did this one as a tablerunner a couple of years ago.  The runner is also on our youtube channel, Fabric Junction.  Click HERE to go to it.
Tulip Lady Fingers

  Light fabric
    four  2 1/2" sq.
    four  1 7/8" sq.  for HST
    four  1 1/2" sq.

  Medium fabric
    four  1 7/8" sq. for HST
    four  1 1/2" sq.

  Dark fabric
    one  2 1/2" sq.

Just a reminder that HST is for Half Square Triangle.

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