Monday, December 4, 2017


  Wow, what a difference a day makes or weekend.  Friday was the Parade of Lights.  We were outside enjoy the nice evening, no snow or wind.  Today, wake up to snow and ice with lots of wind.  School is called off because of the ice on the road and the wind is so hard that it would blow you over.  This is to be the worst day this week.  By Saturday, the snow will have melted and the sun will be shining.  We will have forgotten how nasty today had been.
  Moving on to today's block--Sawtooth Patchwork made with 4 HST and 5 square in a square.
Sawtooth Patchwork

    Light fabric
      two  2 7/8" sq. for HST
      ten  1 7/8" sq.  cut diagonally once

    Medium or Dark fabric
      two  2 7/8" sq. for HST
      five  1 7/8" sq. for sq. in a sq.

Stay warm,

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